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Why YOU should start blogging!

I know alot of the people that read this blog already have a blog, but for those who don’t have a blog.. I’d like to tell you why you should start blogging.

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I know alot of the people that read this blog already have a blog, but for those who don’t have a blog.. I’d like to tell you why you should start blogging.

First of all, take a look at some of these questions…

  • Do you feel like you’re in a rut?
  • Do you feel that you have alot of thoughts and ideas and are unable to fully express them at work?
  • Are you out of a job or looking for the job you truly want?
  • Are you trying to consolidate your thoughts and going round and round in your head looking for answers?
  • Are you tired of hitting the brick wall and just feel you could do better than what you’re doing at the moment?
  • Do you feel that you need to give birth to your ideas or thoughts and want some honest feedback or start a healthy discussion?
  • Do you feel that you’ve got a talent or something to offer the world but no one is giving you that opportunity?

If your answer to most of these questions are yes, then I would suggest that you start blogging!

Now you might be wondering why am I writing about this here. Well, let me tell you how much my life has changed since I started blogging. I might even go as far as saying, it has changed my whole outlook on my studies and future career.  It has also opened a range of opportunities that I never knew that was available to me. There is so much good that could come out of blogging if you put your heart and soul into it.

The best starting point is to ‘JUST DO IT!’  Other good tips are:-

Disclaimer: This is just based on my experience, others may vary 😉

  • First of all, always, always, always be honest!
  • Don’t plan where you want your blog to go in the first few posts you write.
  • Let your thoughts, fears and confusions flow onto the page as if you are actually talking to your friend.
  • Don’t worry about your grammar or etc. As long as people can understand it, you’re good to go!
  • Find the right audience and start conversing with them. I do this through twitter.
  • Once you’ve identified who your audience is, start listening and comparing your thoughts and learn!
  • Continue learning and listening as you go along and now you can start writing about those conversations on your blog with detailed insights that you could not do via 140 chars (twitter).
  • As your educating yourself, brush up on your skills and knowledge and enhance them through expanding your network.
  • Once you feel comfortable with blogging regularly, why don’t you offer your readers something that you know they will find useful. There’s no point keeping information to yourself. Sharing is much more influential and powerful than keeping all that knowledge to yourself! Trust me, you will reap the rewards of being charitable with knowledge in ways that no amount of money can compare to.  You will gain even more knowledge and even grow a little bit wiser. 😉
  • Your goal for each post you write should be to learn a little something about what you know and what you would like to know in the future.  In essence, its almost like you’re on your own journey to discovering knowledge that is relevant to you that may help you gain control of your desired career path or even lead you there!
  • Oh yes, last but not least… don’t think that you have to offer something amazing everytime you blog. You can also express your worries, concerns and doubts.  Its your space, so sit back and relax. Someone just might be reading/listening and you will receive the help that you need.

So … for those who still haven’t started blogging and feel you somewhat should have a long time ago. Well… why don’t you? What have you got to lose? Though I do admit everyone has different attitudes and reasons for blogging, I do however feel that it always comes down one thing…. Do you feel deep down after years and years of studying, learning, working and just basically living, “Do you feel you have something to share?”

If your answer is yes, JUST DO IT. Take the plunge and put yourself out there and be seen! With social media nowadays, you can be seen and heard by many many people. So stop sitting alone in the corner and start mingling with the rest of the world! 🙂

Make sure you let me know if you decide to start blogging! I’d love to read it!!!