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Why is the website redesign project important?

Interview with Gemma Walford – Service Improvement Manager for Culture and Environment and Chris Carr – Customer Service Programme Manager.

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Interview with Chris Carr – Customer Service Programme Manager

Interview with Gemma Walford – Service Improvement Manager for Culture and Environment

We also managed to ask Gemma some additional questions below.

What do you feel is the biggest barrier internally and externally?

I think the biggest barrier for my project aimed at improving online services has been the absence of a measurement framework to show the business that the website should have business goals similar to face to face or telephone channels. Only once the online business goals have been set can we get into the interesting stuff around how we want to translate these goals into online solutions and measure their effectiveness with our users.

Once the business can see how the new process works, and understands what the measurement tools are showing they can take ownership of their pages and use them as a business channel which can be more effective than face to face and telephone, and potentially much cheaper.

And how would the website redesign effect users and the council?

The website redesign will pull together the top ‘things’ our users want to do quickly and cleanly. For example we will make it really easy to see straight off what services can be done without picking up the phone or queuing up in a council office.


Its clear that this website redesign is a priority for everyone at Camden, both employees and users. It is important that we are able to communicate our progress and findings to everyone so we can make improvements and progress as we move along. If you would like to participate and help us with this project, we would very much love to get you feedback and involvement. You can do this by registering for volunteering for this project here.

If you are a student who wishes to get involved as part of your research project, please email liz.azyan@camden.gov.uk to express your interest.

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