Saturday, July 20, 2024


  • Little tip, hold the mic closer to the person being interviewed.

    Great insight into innovate, thanks for doing the video. I do hope that some of the 80 projects funded are for research on the infrastructure. If they aren’t then the rural areas will be excluded from digital britain, because there is no way this brave new world is gonna happen through obsolete copper, no matter how many pairs they bond…
    … If the BET solution is used it will be a criminal act.

    Digitalbritain won’t happen if it is left to the telcos, because they are too busy milking revenue from first generation ‘broadband’ delivered through a Victorian phone network. If the UK doesn’t get next gen fibre to the home pretty soon we will be out of the global village. The rest of the world will not wait for our fantastic content, and a generation of innovation will be lost, in the same way the brain drain happened in the 60s. My brother went to America in the 70s because of lack of investment in his subject (science) and is now the head of chemistry at a leading American University. What a loss to the UK. The same will happen with the youngsters here, the game designers, the software developers and many others. If we don’t get ubiquitous broadband available for all then you can kiss goodbye to our brave new world. BT can fool some of the people some of the time, but it can’t fool them all, for all of the time, and when other countries have fat pipes and gigs and the UK is still on copper some advisers are gonna look a bit daft.
    We need next gen access, for the next generation.
    As ever just my humble opinion.