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“The UK Gov Social Media Awareness Project” launching at the Digital Engagement Event

I’ve been invited to talk at one of the parallel sessions to talk to around 50 or more Head of IT’s of local councils across the UK.

By Liz Azyan , in General , at October 3, 2009 Tags:

UPDATE!!! :Hashtag all pics with the hashtag #ukgovsocmedproject so we can all keep track of all the pics on the twitter stream!

Hi all,

I know everyone is curious and wondering… “What is Liz up to NOW?!?” Hihi, well let me fill you in. As all of you might know, I will be at the Digital Engagement Event on 6th October. What you don’t know yet is I will also be at the Socitm 2009 Conference on 11-13th October in Edinburgh.  And at that event, I’ve been invited to talk at one of the parallel sessions to talk to around 50 or more Head of IT’s of local councils across the UK.

The chance to make a difference…

I’ve been given 10 mins to present my research on social media in local government and a very detailed FAQ session afterwards. I’m confident that I could present the data and facts to support social media but I truly believe that YOU are the voices that need to be heard. YOU are the people that make things happen, therefore its your thoughts and your belief that can shape the future of social media in local government. I want all of YOU and your energy to be there with me, so here’s what we all can do together….

Calling all volunteers at Digital Engagement Event this October…

Therefore I call upon anyone who will be attending the Digital Engagement Event to help me perform a little task. Here are the instructions…

  1. Bring a camera or use your phone camera.
  2. Print “social media is” ppt slide out, as many as you can. I’ll bring some myself if you run out.
  3. Bring a marker as well, so people can write what they think social media is to them.
  4. Ask as many people as you can to write on the paper.
  5. Then take a picture of them holding up the paper after they have written their thoughts down. Make sure it is clear on the picture.
  6. Tip: The less words used the better so its clear on the paper and on the picture.
  7. Email (liz@lgeoresearch.com) those pictures or even better tweet (@Liz_Azyan) them to me during the event so other people who are not at the event can see and RT them.
  8. Also don’t forget to hashtag all pics with the hashtag #ukgovsocmedproject

What others can do?

SPREAD THE WORD! Get more people on board. The more, the merrier! We have about a week to do this. The deadline will be 9th October 2009!

Update: Hashtag for this campaign #ukgovsocmedproject

What I will do?!?

I will gather those pictures and put them in a video format to be presented to the Head of IT’s at the Socitm 2009 Conference!

Its the social media movement in government baby! So get on board!!! Can’t wait to see the outcome of all this.

Reuse and repurpose!

And the best thing is, in the end, everyone can reuse and repurpose this video for their own vision. Doesn’t matter if you’re in a different sector, either voluntary sector, private sector or just in whole sector of your own 😉 This movement is for everybody and anybody who wants to get on board and be apart of something fun and hopefully useful!

What it will look like…. something like these inspirational videos….

“Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

Looking forward for your support!

PS: If you won’t be at the event, don’t worry, you can still send in your pics to me and take part in what could be the changing moment for social media in UK local government.

Liz xxx