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Understanding Collaborative Learning with Hadley Beeman and Diving into the Learning Pool

Ever wondered what collaborative learning is? I’ve always had a few thoughts on what it could be and maybe took a logical guess or two but never quite understood why its so important to learning organizations and how they can be effective for learners.

Ever wondered what collaborative learning is? I’ve always had a few thoughts on what it could be and maybe took a logical guess or two but never quite understood why its so important to learning organizations and how they can be effective for learners. So I took it upon myself to ask the expert herself, Miss Hadley Beeman (@hadleybeeman on twitter) . Listen to audio for the exclusive interview!

Hadley focuses on collaborative technologies, helping people to work together when they are not in the same place.  She has worked in many parts of the public sector, most recently in the NHS designing and launching for doctors in training.  Her local government career has included managing the team behind the development of the IDeA’s communities of practice platform (

You can also find Hadley at, which is coming soon!

My interview with Hadley on Collaborative Learning (30.08.09)

Liz interviews Hadley Beeman on Collaborative Learning

Here’s a breakdown/transcript of what I discuss with Hadley in this interview.

Download Transcript

Diving into the Learning Pool…

So now that you know what collaborative learning is, after listening or reading my interview with Hadley, you might be interested to listen to my interviews with Learning Pool’s “Customer of the Year Award Winners in 2009” to get a more practical and better understanding of the effects of collaborative learning from a community or users point of view. I worked with LP earlier this year and was thoroughly impressed with how highly LP’s customers spoke about LP.  You can check out my earlier posts on Learning Pool below:

So I’ve asked Mary McKenna who is the MD of Learning Pool and see if there was any way I could help publicize their services to my readers. Kindly enough, LP has commissioned me to do this piece for them, which certainly helps me as a struggling student 🙂  I do believe in what LP has to offer and hope that more people will be aware of the fantastic products and services that LP offer local authorities in terms of encouraging collaborative learning within and beyond their organizations. Click on the audios below to listen to these special feature interviews.

All interviews are slightly different from each other depending on each of their personal experiences but some of the basic questions asked are displayed below:

  • How would you describe your experience using Learningpool as a whole?
  • How would you describe LearningPool’s course design authoring tool?
  • Do you have any specific example’s of cost or time savings when using LearningPool’s services?
  • What are the major benefits, in your opinion, of using e-learning compared to class-based learning?
  • What are your thoughts on LearningPool’s customer service and what is their usual turnaround?
  • Would you say LearningPool has encourage collaborative learning in your council?
  • What would you say are the best features of LearningPool in your experience?

Here is a special featured interview with the overall winner of Learning Pool’s Customer of the Year Award.

Separate blogpost: Christine Shakespeare – Basildon District Council

Best Learning Pool Community Member of 2009 – Ian Leggitt (Bury Metropolitan Borough Council)

This interview features Ian Leggitt (Organisational Development Officer) from Bury Metropolitan Borough Council who earlier this year won the Best Learning Pool Community Member Award. I did do a video interview with him back then which you can view below.

I recently caught up with Ian again to catch up on more details of his experience using collaborative learning tools and Learning Pool e-Learning modules. You can listen to the interview here.

Liz interviews Ian Leggitt Best LP Community Member of 2009

Highlights from this interview:

  • Working with Learning Pool to develop the DLE system and suggesting improvements that was later evaluated by LP for the wider community.
  • Working to create a best practice formula for deploying the learning material.
  • Use the DLE to offer online materials that supplement our existing web courses.
  • Pre-learning and fast track option through the DLE.
  • Time and cost savings examples
  • Use of tutor-facilitated e-learning
  • Responses to sharing using LP’s e-learning modules and overlaps of courses between local authorities
  • Comparison between off-the-shelf e-learning solutions and Learning Pool unique and dynamic offerings
  • Open source principle = Learning Pool’s DLE principle
  • Collaborative approach and channels discussed as a viable way moving corporate training to online delivery.
  • Previous experience with other generic e-learning solutions
  • Where does Learning Pool stand in the current market?

Best Learning Pool Ambassador of 2009: Simon Green (Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council)

I’ve never actually managed to meet Simon in person as he was absent from the conference and award ceremony earlier this year but I did manage to interview him over the phone a couple of weeks ago and talk a little bit about his experience with collaborative learning and Learning Pool as a whole.

Liz interviews Simon Green Best LP Ambassador of 2009

Highlights from this interview:

  • Learning Pool e-learning modules adds value to staff development and improving services.
  • Reaction from users using the e-learning modules. These include the recruitment selection programme, performance coaching scheme and leadership programme.
  • Its not only for training development, its also there for reference and quality delivery.
  • Examples of interactive tools used.
  • Explanation of the “blended approach”.
  • Overview of the online assessment offered by Learning Pool using the blended approach.
  • Good practices.
  • Flexibility of the DLE system.
  • Time and cost savings using Learning Pool e-Learning module.
  • Adaptation/Repurposing e-Learning modules example.
  • Trained 1500 users in just 3 weeks!
  • Description of Learning Pool’s course design authoring tool.
  • Thoughts on Learning Pool’s customer service and turn around.
  • Updates on the DLE system.
  • Blaenau Gwent saves cash by moving into e-learning
  • Simon talks about other e-learning companies and compares them to Learning Pool

Jean Tracey replacing Steve Day (Rotherham MBC) – Best Learning Pool Ambassador 2009

Liz interviews Jean Tracey

Highlights from this interview:

  • Description on LP course design authoring tool
  • Example of using videos for the e-learning modules
  • Time and cost savings using LP
  • Rotherham MBC trains 1,500 staff on Safeguarding Adults
  • Availability of courses on demand increases effectiveness and efficiency of council staff
  • Flexibility of LP – accessing the course at home and over the weekend
  • LP’s customer service and turn around
  • Encouraging collaborative learning with other local authorities
  • Comparison of how long it would take to deliver a course without LP e-learning modules
  • Repurposing e-learning modules
  • Example and explanation of favourite feature – quizzes
  • Anti-money laundering and terrorists modules for future modules
  • Why Rotherham MBC chose LP

Interview with Steve Day earlier this year

One more featured interview to come! A PDF format of this piece will be available soon. Please check back for this.

Let’s Party like there’s no tomorrow!

Also don’t forget to come and join Learning Pool’s Party this month. Here are the details. I’ll be there too, so don’t forget to say hello. I’ll be the one who looks like someone who’s never been on a boat party! LOL

Venue:    HMS President, Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0HJ 
Tel:         0207 583 1918
Date:      Wed 23 September, from 2pm till late (oh yes)
RSVP:     book your places here

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  • Very good work and analysis of the subject, well done. I am so pleased you also put a text version of the conversations on the site, as my connection would not download the audio or video streams. I feel I have to comment just to make the point that until we all have a decent connection in the UK then a lot of people can’t engage in collaborative learning in this brave new world. Everywhere I look there are so many opportunities for us on the internet, but half the digitalbritain population are currently excluded from this due to the obsolete victorian phone network which is used for broadband delivery. Anyone you meet in your work would you please make this point? We want the content and engagement, but unless we live next to exchanges we will never be able to join in, and mobile solutions proposed by government will not deliver the bandwidth needed to homes and businesses in rural areas. Please feel free to delete this comment, as I know most of it is off topic! – please remember what I said tho…