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Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Needs Video Content

Watch out: Your social media marketing strategy might be missing a vital component. Get the lowdown on video content (and why it matters) right here.

By Liz Azyan , in General , at April 11, 2017

Watch out: Your social media marketing strategy might be missing a vital component. Get the lowdown on video content (and why it matters) right here.

Picture this scenario: Somewhere in the United States, a child is giggling at an adorable video of a cat. Meanwhile, in Japan, a group of schoolgirls are watching the latest music video content from their favourite pop music band. A French tourist planning to go to Australia in a month’s is sitting comfortably in his chair at home, watching a documentary on the most fascinating animals from the Land Down Under. All of these are taking place while a writer in the Malaysia is tuning in to his favourite Internet news channel.

That’s how powerful and influential video content is today – and research shows that it’s not even halfway done with rising to the top of the online public’s collective consciousness yet. Cisco reports that video will account for 80 % of global internet traffic by 2019 – at the rate we’re all going now, though, this is hardly surprising.

It helps that social media platforms have decided to jump into the video content trend (and make it so much easier for their users to do the same). Whether you’re on Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter, you’ll find that it’s really easy to both watch AND share videos. Thus, social media sites have become the ground from which countless celebrities, comedians, and musicians have sprung up.

The question is: 

Is your business aware of the video trend – and making the most out of it on social media?

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Video content: a critical factor in your social media marketing

The sheer popularity of video content across multiple social media platforms merits it a closer look, at the very least. Understanding the specifics of each social media platform with regard to handling and showing video content will also allow marketers to develop a more effective plan when it comes to using this proverbial ace up their sleeves.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why video content could very well be the shot in the arm your social media strategy needs:

  1. Native video makes reaching a wider audience much easier. These days, you no longer need to host videos elsewhere just to be able to share them on social media. Some of the biggest players in the field have successfully implemented the native video feature, which means you can now make and share your videos on social media in real time. It doesn’t matter if you want to share specially edited videos or live stream them to your audience; with just a few clicks of your mouse, your followers will be tuning in and receiving your updates.

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  1. Video content helps you humanize your brand.

    Now, there are many ways to sound human on social media. This is vital in gaining the trust and confidence of your target market – to let them know that you’re not just all about profit.One of the most effective ways to do this is through video content.

    Not only are you giving them an authentic glimpse of who you are and what you stand for, but you are also creating something new for your audience to talk about.

    Video content is promotion and relationship-building in one delightful package.

  1. Video content will help you capture the attention of the youth demographic. With the right kind of video content, you’ll soon see more users between 18 to 33 years old – the millennial generation, basically – become part of your audience. Considering that this is the same generation that will dominate the workplace in a few years, it’s wise to start building a connection with them as early as now.
  1. There’s a good chance that your competitors are already capitalizing on video for social media. Here’s the thing: If you’ve just come to realize the value of video in social media marketing, it’s a safe bet that your rival brands already have. Take a look at their social media pages – it’s highly likely that they’re already using video content as leverage for their marketing. And do you want to get left behind? Absolutely not!

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For such a relatively small investment, video content on social media can net you significant benefits. Just check the average number of views that video content can get on major social media platforms on a daily basis, and you’ll surely be stunned. Your results may vary, however, based on how well you use video content.

Now comes the next part – actually deciding the kind of video content you want to use.

There’s really no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to developing videos for social media. Ultimately, only you will be able to determine which types of video content are most relevant to your audience (and thus, most likely to deliver great ROI for you).

Once you’ve defined your goals, tweak your social media strategy with custom (read: the kind that you can make yourself) video content, including but not limited to:

  • Instructional/How-to videos. These may be cooking demonstrations, quick repairs around the house, and so on. The key is to make this kind of content useful in solving a problem or addressing a need that your audience may have. Brevity is best in these cases, as well as thoroughness and completeness of information.
  • Q&A videos. This is probably the easiest kind of video content you can generate. Create conversations with your audience while putting your business (or yourself) out there as a knowledgeable expert and critic in the field. Again, keep these short and simple.
  • News videos. This isn’t just limited to current events, of course. If you want to advertise a newly formulated product or brand new service, make it a video instead of a typical text post or image post.
  • Behind the Scenes features. As I’ve mentioned earlier, more and more brands are capitalizing on video to show their customers their human side. By taking them behind the scenes – either by showing them who really creates products, or giving them a better understanding of how your industry works from behind the curtain – your customers will develop empathy and connect with you – and, more importantly, learn to trust you better.

Got ideas for your video content? Which type of video content are you most likely to share or create often? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here’s why #video content is just the shot in the arm your #SocialMedia strategy needs.

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