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Public Sector Forums Web 2.0 Event in Manchester

So today I’m here in Manchester to attend the PSFBuzz Web 2.0 event. This event features many topics and speakers that I’m looking forward to hear from.

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To introduce this post, have a look at this video about Web 2.0 – Transforming government.

Web 2.0

So today I’m here in Manchester to attend the PSFBuzz Web 2.0 event. This event features many topics and speakers that I’m looking forward to hear from. The list of speakers and topics are as follows:

  1. Chairperson – Dave Briggs (Coolio! – one of the first few people that responded to me on twitter! Thanks Dave!) from Davepress.net, an overall digital enabler, will deliver the opening remarks and also deliver a session on Facebook. He’s got some great ideas on this and I for one, can’t wait to hear them!
  2. Next we have Mike Saunt, founder of Astun Technology. I’ve never met Mike before but I’m really looking forward to hear talk on those three areas that we’re all interested in; social, technology and data mashups. This one sounds a little techy and tho I’m not quite there with my coding skills, I’m sure the implementation that Astun Technology has develop will woo us all! Have a look at what they’ve done on iShareMaps. Quite  clever and interesting stuff you got there Mike! Please tell us a bit about that too 😉
  3. Next up is Simon Smith, UK Sales Manager from GOSS interactive. GOSS is a leading supplier of websites, hosting and Web Content Management solutions – GOSS iCM – and supporting services. You might see one of GOSS iCM babies in action at My Nottingham – Notthingham City Council website. He will be talking about the do’s and the don’t in marketing and internal communications in relation to web 2.0. I know from separate conversations with several local govvies, this particular area is quite tricky and still quite vague. I’m really looking forward to hearing the answers to all those unanswered questions on how to engage citizen and staff from Simon tomorrow. How about you?
  4. A bit later in the morning we will hear Paul McElvaney, Director, Learning Pool & Becka Johnson, Learning and Development Advisor, Cardiff County Council give a talk about Cardiff County Councils’ strategy when adopting web 2.0 technologies. I haven’t come across anyone from Cardiff County Council, so I’ll be very intrigued to hear what their up to! How did they manage to fly under my radar??? 😉 Paul will be talking about motivating the workforce using social media technologies to deliver learning and development strategies. Through my own observation, I find this topic to be critical for all local govs who are or wish to be in tune with the potential of the “new social web”.  And I truly believe that in order to harness that potential, the ideas and inspiration must come from 360 degrees of the workforce. Its almost like when we were first introduced to the telephone… in order for the system to work, everyone must have one and knows how to use one. So Paul, we’ll be looking forward to hear more about this from you tomorrow.
  5. Next is Tim Davies, Director of Practical Participation. Now I’ve seen and heard of Tim Davies from the start, but I don’t think we were ever formally introduced. His done some great work on Youth Participation that you can check out on his blog here. Now Tim will be discussing a very hot topic which involves youth engagement. Now, I remember reading Don Tapscott’s book on “Grown up Digital” that talks about the Gen Y effect, which proved to be a fascinating read. I also follow Danah Boyd’s research on youth behaviour with social networks and its also all very fascinating. So to say the least, I think Tim’s presentation will be nothing less than…. FASCINATING! 🙂
  6. After lunch, Simon Wakeman, Head of Marketing from Medway Council will be talking about social media and councils. I have met Simon personally when I interviewed him for my research at Medway Council. Simon runs a successful blog on marketing and communications that often talk about all the issues we face with social media when engaging with citizens.  If you haven’t read his blog or subscribe to it… I suggest YOU DO IT NOW! 🙂 You can do so by visiting his newly revamped website here (I like the new design Simon!).  For Simon’s presentation, I can’t wait to see the “four step model to getting started with social media in local government communications” – brilliant!
  7. Later in the afternoon we have Paul Canning (eGov consultant) and David White (SEO expert) talking about the stuff I find most exciting if you want to know about how to get your website noticed! I used to dabble in a bit of internet marketing myself and trust me, there is more to the web than just building a website.  A lot of hardwork and development strategies must not go unnoticed. But if you listen to the right people and follow their strategies and implementations, it can can have a positive impact on your web presence. Though some of these strategies have changed since the emergence of web 2.0 and this is what Paul and David will be talking about. Looks like we will be listening to a lot of examples here, so keep a close eye on this presentation. I guarantee you will walk away learning something totally new and perhaps some unknown internet marketing terms as well.. (I wonder how I can increase my google pagerank???)
  8. Last but not least, there’s Alan Holding, Principal Digital Development Officer, MDDA – Manchester Digital Development Agency. Alan will be talking about MDDA’s use of social media tools to support and promote their activities. I’m intrigued to know whether or not other councils have a “Digital Development Agency” and whether or not each council should have one? Well we’ll certainly be getting the answer when Alan demonstrates what MDDA is up to.  I’ve never met Alan before, so I will be listening in to his presentation very closely.

So that’s it folks, the round up for tomorrow’s event. Be sure to look here for futher details on the event. And please don’t forget the official PSFBuzz blog developed by Dave Briggs at http://www.psfbuzz.com/ .

See you tomorrow! 😉



  • Hey Lizzie,

    It was really great to meet you, Dave and Tim at the PSF do. I thought the event was really interesting and thought provoking both from a suppliers perspective and also on a personal level.

    Oh and for the record, I do apologise for calling you crazy, you are however an absolute dynamo of fun and laughter!


    • Hi Simon,
      Really great to meet you too. Glad you’ve managed to stop by my website. See my new business cards didn’t go to waste! I’m glad you enjoyed the event as much as I did. And don’t worry about calling me crazy… LOL, I thought it was absolutely hilarious winding you up! Everyone else was quite shocked tho…. and that just made it even more hilarious! I hope to catch you at the next event!

      PS: Oh yes, thanks for helping me with my food over dinner! The food was just smashing wasn’t it?!?


    • Hi Alex,
      The event was great! Buzzing and full of energy. You can catch my summary of the event in my latest post and all the videos I captured over the event. I will start following Cardiff on I&DeA CoP. Thx!