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Popping the question on Twitter….and raising awareness on cancer at the same time! #blamedrewscancer

We knew it was coming right? Someone was bound to propose on Twitter! Gosh I wish someone would propose to me on Twitter

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The Twitter Marriage!

We knew it was coming right? Someone was bound to propose on Twitter! Gosh I wish someone would propose to me on Twitter … LOL 🙂

Anyways, check out this awesome video about this guy called Drew Olanoff (@drew) talking about the moment he proposed to his girlfriend on twitter. What really grabbed my attention well was, yes of course the proposal itself, but what was even more interesting was the hashtag stream he used to actually propose to her.  You’ll understand after you watch the whole thing, trust me, you’ll see my point! 😉 Enjoy!

#Blame what…..?

Ok, so now you’ve watched the whole thing… So, what did you think?

What a cool way to raise awareness on cancer isn’t it? Its so personal yet so effective. Check out @drew‘s #blamedrewscancer twitter stream here.

Even I have #blamedrewscancer on my troubles! Check it out!

Multiplying the effect of personal causes...

I think the important point I’m hoping to make here is how easy it is nowadays for us to take our everyday experiences and turn them into something positive. We do this by sharing our emotions, our troubles and make those experiences even more meaningful and useful to us as well as others too!

What can we do…?

People might sometimes be wondering, why do we turn to social media to create interest or get something done? And how can we effectively use social media to engage with people on our causes. I think instead of asking “What it is that social media can do for us?”, we should ask ourselves “What can we do for each other?”

Because at the end of the day social technologies are not there to solve our problems.  It is not the answer! It is the platform or vehicle used to create conversations and bonds as well as relationships between people with either similar interests or life experiences. And I feel very strongly this would be the most strategic and effective way of identifying and deciding on the best ways of applying social technologies in local councils.

Ask Drew!

So if you ask me, what’s the best way of social media or web 2.0 or social technologies or whatever you might want to call it… I say, why don’t you ask Drew? He seems to have grasp the true potential of it and has even got himself a wonderful gal to spend the rest of his life with! Congratulations Drew! 😀

Hope this was useful folks!