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LGEO Research joins the Knowledge Hub Advisory Group (IDeA)

Its been a long journey for LGEO Research and myself over the past 9 months. If I was pregnant, I’d have a baby right now!

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That’s my baby! 😉

Its been a long journey for LGEO Research and myself over the past 9 months. If I was pregnant, I’d have a baby right now! Well, let’s consider LGEO Research to be my baby and my baby has gone through a wonderful 9 months growing and learning from the inside and finally now my baby is being released to the world to deliver all the knowledge that has been consumed.

What’s even greater is, LGEO Research will continue to grow and learn just as it has before, but hopefully the process will be faster and able to reach even more people than before. These next few months ahead, LGEO Research has plans already put in place to be ‘Here, There and Everywhere! So be sure to keep a close eye on the blog. It will a busy few months of accelerated growth.

LGEO Research becomes a member of IDeAs “Knowledge Hub Advisory Group”

With that said, it is a great pleasure to introduce IDeAs “Knowledge Hub Advisory Group” which is an ambitious and exciting new programme of work being scoped and developed by IDeA during 2009/10. It is being supported using technical innovation, new business processes and sector-wide training, support and development.

Just in case you are not from the UK and are among my lovely readers from either across the pond or even from down under (anywhere really!), IDeA is short for Improvement and Development Agency for local government. Here is IDeA‘s scope of practice.

The IDeA supports improvement and innovation in local government, focusing on the issues that are important to councils and using tried and tested ways of working.

We work with councils in developing good practice, supporting them in their partnerships. We do this through networks, online communities of practice and web resources, and through the support and challenge provided by councillor and officer peers.

We also help develop councillors in key positions through our leadership programmes. Regional Associates work closely with councils in their areas and support the regional improvement and efficiency partnerships (RIEPs).


I’ve always been a great supporter and believer of sharing knowledge and collaborating amongst each other to achieve greater goals and heights using supportive learning and training tools as well as innovative collaborative platforms of communications.  Which is also another reason why I’ve recently gained more interest in organizations such as Learning Pool, that use a unique approach such as the ‘Blended Approach‘ towards learning and collaborating online.

Who’s involved in #KHUB?

The Advisory Group membership will be made up of both technical and social innovators and local authority officers each with practical experience in helping deliver Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 solutions within the public sector or workplace, and with experience in cultivating a culture of knowledge sharing and self-development.

The brainchild behind this exciting and inspiring programme is Steve Dale from the well-known Communities and Collaboration website. You might remember Steve from the interview I did with him months ago. Check it out!

Liz interviews Steve Dale about social media and Web 2.0 in UK local councils from Liz Azyan on Vimeo.

To get a better idea of how the #KHUB will work and help the ‘Knowledge Ecology‘, take a look at this diagram.

* This is a conceptual diagram showing how the various components fit together. It should not be viewed as a technical design or information architecture. Further work is required in order to define and agree the technical architecture and the supporting business processes.

What will the advisory group be responsible for…?

The Advisory Group will have a direct relationship to the KH Project Board and help play a key role in shaping the development and rollout of the programme.

  • Provide technical advice and strategic insight for the procurement and development of the technical platform.
  • Identify opportunities and sources for seeding and pump-priming content for the knowledge hub.
  • Provide expert advice in the development of a new ‘knowledge ecology’ for the sector, where the sector can learn from its own experience and where barriers to participative learning can be identified and resolved.
  • Advise on new and emerging knowledge sharing techniques such as social reporting, narrative & storytelling, and development of games for simulation of behaviours.
  • Identify training needs and other support requirements for the sector.
  • Provide on-going help in resolving problems a quality assurance function for the Programme.

Tasty Delight…?

I’ve decided to only give a peek or taste of what’s to come because the first meeting will only be on September the 17th. So best to keep things under wraps until then, but if you have anything you are curious about or want to add or even just comment upon, be sure to use the #khub tag so we can easily track the conversation.

Until then, let’s keep talking and collaborating!

Hope this was useful!