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How design can improve your Twitter engagement and give it a human face

We often experience Twitter tips overload, but not a lot of design tips… Here’s one for the list!

By Liz Azyan , in General , at August 2, 2013 Tags: , , , ,

There are so many twitter tips out there on what to do and how to do it, sometimes you get lost on the tiny details which can make a whole lot of difference on the way we engage and how we operate our twitter accounts. Having seen, researched and practically carried out social media strategies and tasks for myself, clients and governments, it’s not often people refer to the design of the twitter page itself to increase engagement. And for that matter, there aren’t a lot of examples either.

So when I came across this Twitter page, I was delighted to see how it shows followers who are the people tweeting behind the @Tsohost account. If you haven’t come across people using ^XX (initials of the person tweeting) below is how it looks like. It is a way for organisations that have many people responsible for tweeting to identify who is sending out a tweet.

Here’s an example from @tsohost using the method ^XX in their tweet

+1 for the human approach

I am totally for doing this as it helps to hold a person accountable for their tweets and it also helps followers to feel that they are engaging with a human being that can respond to their needs, rather than a faceless – corporate branded Twitter account – which might or might not respond to them (in the followers assumption or opinion).

It’s amazing how a the design of your Twitter or any of your social network pages for that matter, can shape your strategy and boost your digital engagement.

What do you think? Will you apply this design and Twitter strategy to your Twitter campaign? Click on image to enlarge and share.

Putting human face to twitter company account

tsohostOn a side note: TSO HOST is my hosting company (which is how I came across their Twitter page) and I couldn’t recommend them enough. I very rarely recommend stuff – I don’t write Amazon reviews and am really bad at getting my eBay feedback up to date, so for me to do this.. it’s kind of a rare thing for me to do.

They provide fantastic ‘human-friendly’ service. Really super fast response to any of your enquiries (and doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend or late at night) in my own personal experience. They are also competitively priced and have a great customer service and support team. I usually get a ticket support response (not the automated one) within minutes, which is a huge reassurance for me, as most of the time I’m getting in touch with any customer service or support centres, is it’s mostly a matter of urgency (from my point of view)… You know what it’s like, right? 😉 Check out this video of one of the testimonials to see what you’ll get http://youtu.be/0NEHqUlgb2U

I hope this was useful! – Liz