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Effective Facebook Ads with This Simple Step

Before you jump into the world of Facebook ads, understand what your customers are looking for. Here’s why you should create a sales funnel first:

By Liz Azyan , in General , at May 15, 2017

Before you jump into the world of Facebook ads, understand what your customers are looking for. Here’s why you should create a sales funnel first:

For the uninitiated, the idea of choosing bait for a fishing trip may seem pretty straightforward. After all, a worm’s a worm, right? It’s not that simple, though. Depending on the season and the kind of fish you want to catch, you’d get better results if you choose the most appropriate lure to use: crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, spoons, and so on.

Marketing is no different.

Here’s a lesson I learned early in my career:  A directionless marketing campaign is a wasted marketing campaign. A directionless marketing campaign is a wasted marketing campaign. While it would be nice to have a one-size-fits-all technique for generating and capturing leads, it simply isn’t the case. Think about it: Why would a person who has never heard of your business be as willing to shell out money for your products and services as someone who already knows and trusts your brand? This is also the case for Facebook ads. No matter how much you spend from your ad budget, if you don’t put thought into the right kind of messaging for your campaign, it won’t be that appealing to your target market. And there’s so much more to it than just saying what your brand can do and why it’s better than the competition. Going back to the fishing example, you need to consider the unique preferences and needs of your audience as you craft your ads. Here, a sales funnel isn’t just helpful — it’s practically indispensable.

Why creating a sales funnel before getting started with #Facebook #ads is important.

What is a sales funnel?

Throughout the buyer’s journey are different stages of consumer readiness. Obviously, as consumers, we don’t start by knowing everything about the products or services that could address our needs. Heck, sometimes we’re not even aware of exactly what we need in the first place!

The sales funnel allows you to determine how you should market your services to your audience.  It does this by helping you identify which stage of the buyer’s journey they’re on. The closer you are to hitting the spot, the more likely they are to provide their contact information and become leads — and eventually, with the right push, clients.

First, let’s take a look at the different stages in the buyer’s journey and how they differ from one another.

In this stage, the potential customer starts with… nothing, basically. No prior knowledge or awareness of your project, no specific intent or desire to avail your services. The person may not even know that they need that specific kind of product or service to begin with. As far as your marketing strategy is concerned, your Facebook ads for this stage should be designed to grab your potential customers’ attention. Save the informative, in-depth stuff for the next stage, which is the…

This is the stage where your potential customer is already aware that they need something. In this stage, they start reading up and learning more about the range of products or services in the market that they can choose from. You can make this your time to shine with great output that can provide value to them. Answer their questions, show them what you can do, give them something they haven’t seen before or don’t see in your competitors, and so on. Finally, we have the last phase of this process, the…

In this stage, the customer now has enough — or at least believes that they have enough — to identify and choose the best option. Factors such as price, availability, features, free trials, and others now come into play, especially with regard to how yours will compare to the rest of the competition. If you did your marketing right, they’d be more likely to choose you.

Why you should prepare a sales funnel before you start your #Facebook #ad campaign.

Now, let’s look at the funnel itself, in order to get a better understanding of how you can apply it to your Facebook ads strategy.

This is the part where your consumer is gathering information that they can use to find a solution to their problems. Expect that consumers at the top of the funnel are less likely to buy from you than others further down the funnel (since they’re still researching and weighing their options).

Here, your potential customer is already trying to make a decision. They have all the information they need, which means that you are more likely to be able to close a deal with them. This is the part where you show why your products or services are a better option than your competitors.

People at this stage need nothing more than a gentle push in your direction, so to speak. These consumers have almost made up their minds about what to buy, and are simply picking who to buy from at this point.

“That’s all well and good,” you might be thinking, “but why exactly do I need a sales funnel? Can’t I just come up with all of this on my own?” For starters, you’ll have a systematic procedure for figuring out which among your sales prospects deserve your attention most. Using the funnel as your guide, you can identify which possible consumers are ready to buy.  You’ll also be able to determine which ones would need more time and convincing. Furthermore, a sales funnel keeps your eye on the prize. In this case, it’s the consumer that’s aligned with your company’s working style. With a sales filter, you can separate the good leads from the bad ones, and even increase your level of engagement with the former and find out more about their preferences and troubles regarding the job. A sales funnel also helps you map out when you’ll reach out to your target audience, especially the sales leads you’re nurturing to close. The sales funnel will allow you to maintain constant communication and build a stronger relationship with your consumers. With the right strategy, you can even turn them into repeat customers! Ultimately, your sales funnel is the key to figuring out how to best nurture your customers.  Get the outcome and ROI you desire from your Facebook ad campaign with a well-planned, carefully crafted sales funnel. Ultimately, your sales funnel is the key to figuring out how to best nurture your customers.

Why your sales funnel should be your #Facebook #ad campaign’s first step.

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