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10 Reasons to Make Your Social Media Content More Engaging

Consistently producing social media content isn’t enough – it needs to be engaging, too. Here are ten reasons why.

By Liz Azyan , in Social Media , at May 2, 2017

Consistently producing social media content isn’t enough - it needs to be engaging, too. Here are ten reasons why.

Have you ever wondered why some brands have content that goes viral? Sure, a handful of them may appear to be random strokes of luck – and yes, that does happen.

However, you might be surprised to know that more often than not, these bits of content – videos, images, status updates, and the like – are actually carefully crafted by the brands themselves.

No, I don’t mean that they were created for the sole purpose of going viral. There’s no surefire “secret recipe” for virality, after all, and not all share-worthy content goes viral. What I mean is this: If you were to take a closer look at the types of content that go viral, you’ll see that they have one thing in common: They’re engaging.

Engaging social media content can be educational, witty, fun, or just plain well-done. The key ingredient here is knowing exactly what it requires to create engaging social media content.

Before we get to the how, though, it pays to know the why.

As a business owner saddled with so many tasks throughout the day, you have to consider the ROI of everything you do. Creating engaging content for your social media accounts is no different. Is there really a point to putting more effort into your content creation, or can you just wing it through consistency or frequent updating?

Here’s the truth: As effective a tool as social media is when it comes to reaching out to your target audience and boosting the online presence of your brand, not taking full advantage of it is almost as bad as not using it at all.

Simply put, being on social media isn’t enough – you need to be putting out high-quality and engaging content, too.

Still not convinced? Here are ten reasons why taking the time to create engaging content for your social media accounts is worth the effort.

1. It makes your customers want to take action.

The primary function of engaging content is to capture your audience’s attention.  Get them hooked with compelling content – a video tutorial, an engrossing blog post, or an infographic that they can share with their friends – and make them interested enough to want to take the next step.

Be sure that your content has a clear call to action, so that you can entice your customers to act in the way you’d like them to. Do you want them to schedule a consultation with you? Would you like them to avail your products at your next discount sale, or share their email address with you so that you can add them to your mailing list? The possibilities are right there, limited only by how engaging your content is.

2. It makes your brand unique and memorable.

[tweet_dis]Creating engaging content will give your audience a reason to remember your brand.[/tweet_dis] To gain recognition and credibility among your industry competitors, you need something that can make you stand out. Infuse your content with a bit of creativity, such as a distinct style of making videos, or a steady stream of humorous listicles. Remember: The quality of your content is what your brand will be known for.

10 reasons why your #SocialMedia content needs to be engaging:

3. It lets you offer something new and exciting.

Make your audience appreciate you more by giving them something they haven’t seen before. Let your creativity run wild, and come up with new and thrilling ways to captivate your audience through your content. With engaging content that disrupts  the norm and makes your audience rethink what they know about your industry, you’ll definitely stand out.

4. It’s an easy way to start a conversation with your target audience.

For many brands, the challenge isn’t attracting customers – it’s keeping them interested. With well-written and well-executed content, you can rest assured that your audience will keep coming back for your updates. With content that’s just the right balance of conversational and formal, your audience will feel that you truly understand them – and, in turn, they’re bound to understand you.

Here’s why you should strive for engaging #SocialMedia content:

5. It helps you connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Engaging content draws in your audience and keeps them glued to your updates. It also establishes a stronger relationship between you and your customers – on that runs deeper than, say, a simple buy and sell transaction.

Engaging content provides your customers with more than just entertainment or information. It creates a bond of sorts, building loyalty to your brand in the process.

6. It helps you tell a better story.

Your brand story is definitely worth telling, but if you don’t find a good way to tell it, then your customers wouldn’t realize that. For your audience to get what really makes you tick – and why you’re better than all the other brands out there vying for their attention – they need to know your story. More importantly, they need to know why your story matters.

Communicate your story in the best way you can, through engaging content.

Why you should make your #SocialMedia content more engaging:

7. It adds value to your customers’ lives.

From informative how-to videos to witty articles on relevant topics, your customers will definitely enjoy reading engaging content from you – and their lives will be much better for it. Putting effort into crafting engaging content prevents your offers from becoming merely additional fluff in an already polluted marketing environment.

8. It solves your customers’ problems.

Creating compelling content for social media requires a good grasp of what your target market needs, as well as a clear idea of how you can address said need. If you can provide them with answers to their most pressing concerns or give well-defined solutions to their problems, your audience will definitely be more receptive to your messaging.

9. It doesn’t feel like marketing.

Remember the last time someone handed you a flyer as you were walking down the street, or tried to get you to sign up for a credit card as you passed by their kiosk at the mall? How did you feel about it? Always keep this in mind: The best kind of marketing is the kind that doesn’t feel like marketing. Compelling content causes your customers to engage with you, instead of the other way around. Let them see your value – don’t shove it in their faces.

The benefits of having engaging #SocialMedia content:

10. It allows you to make the most out of today’s marketing and communication tools.

Truth be told, marketers and business owners have a wide variety of tools they can choose from in order to create engaging social media content. It would be a shame to settle for less-than-satisfactory results, especially since everything you need is already at your disposal. Explore different types of content that you don’t normally offer, and craft some with your unique knowledge and approach to branding.

Want to get started on creating engaging content for your followers, but don’t know where to start? Check out my collaboration with Skillshare, How to Create Engaging Social Media Content. Learn what you need to know about creating content that attracts and connects with your audience, as well as how you can stand out in an already crowded sea of brands on social media.


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