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Content Marketing: The 4-Step Formula for Converting Leads into Paying Customers

While no two sales funnels are the same, there is a formula for creating perfectly-timed and purposeful pieces of content. The content marketing formula taught in this class will take someone from being completely unaware of your brand to willing to put their money and their trust in your products.

Content Marketing: Build a High-Converting Landing Page For Your Sales Funnel

Landing pages are so important for a company’s sustained growth, but building effective ones that save time and money can take practice. With the right tools, creating high converting landing-pages does not need to be a daunting task. 

How to Create Engaging Social Media Marketing Content

This class is perfect for anyone who is just starting to build their online presence to kick start their social media adventure to advanced marketers to get inspired and complement their current social media content arsenal.

Facebook Ads:
Create High Converting Sales Funnel

This class is perfect for service providers who are just starting to build their business or using Facebook Ads, who want to drive traffic to their website and take advantage of the power of Facebook Ads for profit. 

Visual Marketing 101: Learn How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

This course is all about good visual marketing. Get ready to take your brand to ‘meh’ to ‘AMAZING!”.  Learn the basics to visual branding and how to build your visual brand identity guide and make your brand stand out. I will show you how to create engaging visual content.

Branding 101: How to Build an Unforgettable Brand

This class will walk you through the basics of building an unforgettable brand. You will learn how to build your brand from scratch and understand what decisions to make when it comes to your brand colour, logo, typography and imagery.


So much value provided in this course. Thanks so much Liz for giving us a very practical course on creating high converting landing pages.

Great short and to the point presentation – I will be working on redoing mine in the next few days. Thank you.

Liz did an awesome job making this video. she put sooo sooo much value each and every episode of this series and I wanted to say thank you Liz for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and spreadsheets to us. God bless you always!

Other courses only speak theory, this gives really valuable content and very useful and practical examples apart from the methodology you will manage to develop your own project! Thank you very much Liz

The very best class that I’ve found to help you launch or improve your video marketing. Liz knows her stuff and walks you through the process with such clarity and with very helpful templates. If you’re seeking to understand the steps to grow your video marketing you won’t go wrong with this class.

Thanks for this inspiring course, I have found what I was searching for as a writer and this course put me in the right way to start a successful writing business.

This class wowed me. It’s very hands-on, to the point, no time wasting and full of valuable information. I can’t wait to put it to use. Thanks so much Liz!

This class didn’t have a ton of extraneous bells-and-whistles but did have a ton of great information. To me, it’s most important that the ideas and recommendations are given be immediately actionable, and that’s what they are. Would recommend, even if you’ve had some basic experience with social media marketing.

Fantastic ideas and tips!!! Many of them sound evident but are worth to be recalled! 100% appealing!

Awesome class with a great speaker. The Content Calendar is VERY impressive and I would love to use it.

I am pleased to say that this course was much much better than I expected.

Very concise and helpful!

Good course and a lot of underrated powerful information that a lot of new/small businesses sleep on.

Excellent Teacher. Thank you so much!
I really enjoyed Liz’s straightforward approach — the videos are concise and filled with good tips on creating content. I will definitely be using some of the tools she recommended.

Great course with a lot of useful info for beginners. I loved how specific the info got and that she gave examples of the types of tools available within social media. The only drawback was that the first part of the second video in the course didn’t work well and kept stalling. Other than that, I highly recommend for anyone just dipping their toes into marketing via social media.

This is an excellent course, full for practical suggestions with a few cautions re mistakes to avoid.

Very easy to understand, provides a helpful list of things to do with clear suggestions.

Simple, understandable, allows immediate action without having to think about it too much.

A full compendium of social media content types and how to approach them. Definitely recommended for the beginners and for the managers who ran out of ideas

A wealth of information and advice about social media content ideas and strategies. Well delivered and highly informative.

In this short course instruction, Liz Azyan gives valuable tips and resources for really making sure you not only understand the concepts but can apply them. Tips and tools and bonus materials make this a “must-do” course if you are wanting to get social media engagement so that it works for you.

Liz knows social media. She outlines all the best ways to get organic views and reach. Lovely course.

Excellent class! Lots of great ideas!

Always felt that the social media side of our marketing was lacking but didn’t have much of an idea on how to tackle the problem this gives some real handy ideas on moving forward.

Good step-by-step guidance.

Liz offers clear steps that are easy to understand and implement. Love her courses!

This class is more than an overview or a how-to. I see the experience behind every lesson and the benefits of having it all packet in a half-hour content. Really precious, I’d say!