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Corporate Social Networking Conference Today: Learn about social networking from the Giants

Today I’ll be attending another exciting conference organized by Six Degrees and Gold Sponsors, UK’s local government and higher education CMS provider, Jadu.

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Today I’ll be attending another exciting conference organized by Six Degrees and Gold Sponsors, UK’s local government and higher education CMS provider, Jadu. This time it is a subject we are all fond about (or at least those of us who are on Twitter, Facebook and Bebo etc!) which is, social networking. This event is bringing out all the big guns with speakers coming from well known companies such as Adidas, British Airways, Dell, Price Waterhouse Coopers, AXA UK, ComputerWeekly.com, BBC, and BT.

Not to forget the line of other equally impressive list of speakers from other organizations which include RabbitSoft, Amplify, Sage UK, Six Apart, ITBrix/WordFrame, Jadu, SITEFORUM group, Hill & Knowlton, Ecademy, Cow, Headshift, Ariadne Capital, Frost & Sullivan, UKCeB.org, PwC and also from Central Office of Information (COI).

Wow, that certainly was a mouthful wasn’t it! I have to see this is the most jam-packed conference I have ever seen and just can’t wait to hear all the presentations from these experts. If you’re interested in following my updates on twitter (YES, I WILL BE TWEETING! This is in fact a 2.0 social networking event!) follow this link #csnf.

I know you might be wondering, why would a local government blogger be interested in this event. Well, I’ll say.. WHY NOT?!? This is an exciting time in the realms for both online and offline social networking. We’re beginning to realize the true potential of social networks online that generate productivity and innovation in both online and offline workspaces.

Local governments are changing the way they work, function and deliver services. A lot of those changes are emulating the way corporate companies organize and manage their businesses. There is bound to be some tips and tricks that local government can learn from this speakers if they take the time to listen and apply accordingly.  So, make sure you keep up-to-date with all that’s happening today at #csnf. You can also Six Degress twitter account at @SocialNetworkWF and me at @liz_azyan.

To get a copy of the agenda, download here.

And for a copy of the brochure for the event, download here.

Have a look here at the breakdown of topics and see what may interest you!


  • James Garner, Editor, Computer Weekly


  • Suraj Kika, CEO,  Jadu will give the opening keynote speech about the topic we’re all very fond about: Twitter in the enterprise 2.0 – making social media work for brand and business


  • Niall Cook, Author of Enterprise 2.0 and Worldwide Marketing   Penny Lawson, Head of Internal Communications, British Airways: Corporate social networking today and tomorrow
  • Robert Johnson, Strategic Consultant, COI Strategy Consultancy: Managing, controlling and motivating the modern employee
  • Maz Nadjm, Portal Services Manager, Community, BSkyB, Trish Hunt, EMEA Corporate Communications, Dell and Dirk Singer, co-founder, Cow: Panel – Corporate social networks: For and against


  • Sonia Carter, Head of Online Internal Communications, AXA UK: Using Enterprise 2.0 for employee engagement and ef?ciency
  • Lee Bryant, CEO, Headshift – Why enterprise 2.0 will help you in a recession
  • Thijs Sprangers and Menno Braakman, Social Media Consultant, Krem: Case studies of creating success with corporate social networking
  • Chair: Iwona Petruczynik ,Research Analyst ICT, Warsaw, Europe,
    Frost & Sullivan, JP Rangaswami, Managing Director, Service Design, BT Design, Olivier Creiche, Vice President and General Manager of Europe,
    Middle East and Africa, Six Apart : Panel – How to implement a successful enterprise 2.0 strategy


  • Penny Lawson, Head of Internal Communications, British Airways: Enhancing a ?rms brand and values with corporate social networking
  • Christian Kuhna, Head of Internal Communications, Adidas Group: Understanding web 2.0 tools and their role in improving business and IT   goals
  • Bob Pike, Chief Operating Of?cer, SITEFORUM group : How HR.Com built a business using SaaS ‘Social Networking for business
  • Thomas Power, Chairman, Ecademy, Carl Billson, Editor, Enterprise Integration, UK Council for Electronic Business (UKCeB), Dorothy Briggs, Marketing Director, Rabbitsoft : Panel –  Deploying a business social network within a traditional business


  • Salvatore Reina, Programme Manager, PwC : The PwC Story
  • Julie Meyer, CEO, Ariadne Capital :  Funding Enterprise 2.0 tools/software
  • Nick Reynolds, Editor, BBC Internet Blog, BBC Future Media &   Technology : Panel – The future of corporate social networking

Make sure to look out for my conference summary post in a few days. I will be interviewing on video with speakers as well as attendees of the event. Until then, start following my updates today on Twitter at @liz_azyan!

See ya and enjoy the updates!


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    Ok, look out for my twitter updates on the #csnf event happening today. Will be taking video interviews as well! 🙂 [link to post]

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    Morning! Morning!Morning Tweeps! Am getting ready to go to #csnf conference. Corporate Social Networking.Check it out here [link to post]

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    Looking forward to the #csnf conference today… Adidas, Dell, @Jaducms,British Airways, Headshift, PwC, BBC n lots more! [link to post]

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  • Hello Liz, congratulations for this blog. I consult for the Italian government, and I am really interested in the topic of your PhD thesis. Maybe you want to be in touch. I am also on Twitter (though I don’t use it that much), Facebok (better) and Friendfeed (even better). If you follow the link you’ll find all of the 2.0 info.

    Alberto Cottica’s last blog post..La fine della musica

    • Hi Alberto,
      Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been super busy 🙁 Thank you for your kind congratulatory! Yes, let’s keep in touch. I’m always interested in what other countries are doing. Would be interesting to see if we can swap ideas. I will follow you on Twitter. See you there! 😉