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7 Benefits of Google Adwords

Paid online advertising can make your business more successful when done properly. These are the 7 benefits of Google AdWords.

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What is a quick, cost-effective way to spend for an ad?

If there’s one lucrative way to do a paid marketing campaign, what will benefit your business the most?

One of the best ways to do paid online advertising is with Google AdWords.

Perhaps the number one player that has changed the marketing landscape is Google. What would we ever do without Google, right? It has been a huge step for digital marketing and how it changed marketing in general. People rely on it for information and to find websites that will answer what they are looking for. The internet and Google has opened a lot of possibilities for people to network and connect faster.

In the late ‘90s businesses have started to see how much of an impact Google can make in their hopes of reaching their audience, whether local or international. With the new age of the internet, advertising online quickly became one of the most important factors toward the success of any business.

Your business has a website. That’s great! But if you’re losing visitors, how can you get your message across your target market? How will you let them know that you have what they need to make their lives better? If you can’t bring them to your website, how will you be able to sell?

This is the basic reason why you need Google AdWords.

Before we lay down all the benefits of Google Adwords, let’s see first how big of a business online advertising is.

Latest 2017 Statistics of Digital Ad Spending

On April 2017, eMarketer released their 2017 forecast on worldwide media ad spending. They have concluded that for this year, worldwide digital ad spending will reach $223.74 billion, or almost 40% of total paid media outlays. With these numbers, it is expected that there will be a double digit growth on digital ad spending by 2020.

Now you might be wondering, how much of these forecasted figures come from mobile advertising? You’ll be surprised to learn that about 63% of all digital ad spending is traced to mobile ads. This only goes to show that you should aim for mobile-friendly ads in all your marketing efforts to make the most out of your money. Most people are on their mobile devices now, but we aren’t seeing people using pc to disappear any sooner either.

Where does this lead us? It is obvious that more and more brands are spending on paid online advertising. Since people are mostly on Google to search for something they want to buy or know about – which also means people go to Google with an intention – it only makes sense to set aside a marketing budget for Google AdWords on a monthly or seasonal basis. Bringing your website at the top of Google’s search engines through Google AdWords at the right time is just a logical thing to do in order to be noticed by someone who may be looking for a business like what you have.

Paid online advertising can make your business more successful when done properly. With Google AdWords, you can never go wrong. Let us now discuss the advantages of this advertising platform and how it can help your business achieve further success.

7 Benefits of Google Adwords

1. Get access to an entire new audience searching for a business like you.

How will you be able to reach a local audience if you own a coffee shop in San Francisco?

When someone in your local area is looking for a nice spot to have a chat with friends or meet clients over coffee, can they find your website when they search it up on Google? Someone in San Francisco will normally type in “coffee shop in San Francisco”.

If you have run a Google AdWord campaign, you’d be on the top search results.

If a group of people has never heard about you and is looking for a new place to hang out over coffee, tea, or comfort food, Google AdWords is your chance to get their attention. You don’t have to run expensive ads on TV, radio, or print media so that you can get new eyeballs to your business. The solution is to have people find you on Google itself, the place people go when looking for information about places, events, products, and even people!

2. It helps increase discoverability and brand exposure.

Any business that wants to be discovered online wants to be found on the first page of Google search results. It’s pretty simple. If you want your products and services to be discovered by well-targeted, potential customers, then the quickest way to do that is through Google AdWords. The beauty of this online advertising platform is the ability to target audience who will see your ad based on their buying behavior, plus other factors including demographics.

All businesses of any sizes look to be visible in front of a targeted audience quick and fast. Google AdWords is the answer to that goal

3. Cost-effective advertising method: you only pay for people who clicked.

Like we said earlier, Google Adwords is a pay per click advertising platform, you only pay for people who clicked on your ad. When somebody has clicked on your ad, it only means one thing: they already have an initial interest on your business. The next goal now is to get them pumped up over your ad once they click it.

Let’s say you were looking for a nice coworking space in London.

And you decided to take a look at the second ad from the search results.

When you click, you’re directed to their website with a form to fill out your details and sign up to their newsletter, so they can help you find the perfect dream office for you in Central London. The page also shows their email address, contact number, links to their social media accounts, and another link to their magazine. It was the perfect page to go to for anyone seeking a coworking space because all the details in order to reach out to them are all laid out.

With the ad, you’re only paying for people who clicked on your website because they have a deeper intention to do. That’s the beauty of cost-effective advertising through Google AdWords.

4. You can track and measure all details of your ad campaigns.

The Google AdWords platform provides analytics where business owners can track how effective their ads are. You will see what exactly you’re getting from your ads on Google. You can measure how many people have come across your ad, how many times people actually clicked on it; and eventually you can compare these figures from your actual sales and revenue. Awesome, right?

5. You’re paying for an ad that can produce huge, high quality traffic sources.

With Google AdWords, you can have an ad that can reach potential customers locally, nationally, and even internationally. You can tailor your ads so that in ways that will appeal to different types of customers. You don’t have to focus on one buyer persona alone.

6. You’ll see a high return on investment.

Since you only pay for ads that people clicked on, you will get a high return on investment from optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns. With other forms of marketing campaigns such as TV, print, or radio ads, it is difficult to measure the return on your investment with the ads because you can’t track who among those who saw your ad actually became a paying customer.

As for Google AdWords, it’s easy to see which ads work best in terms of turning your leads into customers, plus you will also see which factors about your ad yielded the best results. You can then test your campaigns so you can maximize the ads that worked best.

When you know which approach suits your business best, it’ll be easier to increase ROI by focusing your efforts and budget on the successful ads.

7. Google AdWords result to faster and easier results than SEO.

When you set up your Google AdWords campaign today, you can see the results tomorrow. Easy peasy, right? You will get relevant clicks immediately because of the specific targeting of your ads. You don’t have to wait for a week before you can see whether or not your campaign is working well.


Your digital marketing strategies must involve Google AdWords because it boasts of advantages that other forms of digital marketing strategies don’t possess. When you start using it, you’ll discover and learn more about your customers and how far your business can go. We’re sure you want to bring your business to even better heights. Start building Google AdWords campaigns that target audiences locally or globally today.