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Attention London Boroughs!: I’m becoming a CELEB for a day onboard the HMS President!

I’ve been invited to join Learning Pool on the HMS President in London to be apart of the Capital E-Learning Exchange Body (CELEB) for London local authorities.

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So tomorrow I’m going to be a CELEB for a day! No it’s not what you’re thinking. I’ve been invited to join Learning Pool on the HMS President in London to be apart of the Capital ELearning Exchange Body (CELEB) for London local authorities. Now I know that a lot of my readers and Twitterati’s are in fact from London authorities, so this might be an interesting one to keep up with on twitter tomorrow. The hashtag will be #lpceleb.

The Agenda from Learning Pool

Every London borough is working on projects that introduce new ways of working – mobile working, remote working, agile working, flexible working, home working – are all part of our corporate plans. The drive for efficiency and the need to find cost savings through changing how we work, making better use of technology and consolidating our property portfolios are all on the agenda of every public organisation. What are the challenges we face and how can we support our clients to make these changes successfully?

The facts
The average London commuter spends 29 days of each year travelling to work…it is estimated that by 2025 we will waste £22billion worth of time in England each year in congestion. The only real solution is to fundamentally change working practices. AA and Work Wise UK (from Home Worker Magazine 2009)

The speakers

There will be 2 speakers at this event and both of them are due to give incredible insights onto how they’ve managed to change and improve the working culture within local government.

Leon Yohai, Assistant Director of Change Management, London Borough of Greenwich

Leon Yohai has worked in local government for over 24 years in areas including regeneration, homelessness, tenancy services and policy. He is currently at the very heart of an ambitious modernisation and regeneration programme worth £800 million. It has 10 key strands which, taken as a whole, will modernise and regenerate both service delivery and the infrastructure of the borough.

Ian Laughton, Director, Project Nomad

Project Nomad is the centre of excellence for mobile and flexible working in local government. Prior to Nomad, Ian was Head of e-Government at Cambridgeshire County Council with responsibility for the delivery of e-government, modernisation and efficiency targets. He was also previously responsible for the ICT of the Social Services Directorate at Cambridgeshire.

E-learning to support new ways of working for London Boroughs

Now what fascinates me about this event is the objective. I hope everyone knows by now that I am a great believer in minimizing duplications, open-sourcing, repurposing and collaborating. Therefore I am always a supporter of these efforts. And this is exactly what CELEB is trying to do for London Boroughs at tomorrows event. Check it out!

With 17 London customers already committed and more set to join the Learning Pool, we think that creating a successful network of London public sector e-learning practitioners will;

1. Reduce individual expenditure on e-learning through group purchasing opportunities and discounts for bulk buying services

2. Maximise the use of everyone’s limited resources through joint development and sharing of e-learning projects

3. Minimize duplication of effort and cost through the use of jointly developed generic programmes that require minimal tailoring for each organisation.

4. Find ways to engage users by delivering and supporting dynamic and effective e-learning

5. Speed up the delivery of e-learning to our customers by developing common standards of high-quality practice across London

So if you’re a London authority, be sure to join me tomorrow on twitter to find out how e-learning can support new ways of working for your authority! Remember the hashtag is #lpceleb.