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A compilation of citizens mixed reactions on UK local councils on Twitter

This post features a compilation of citizens mised reactions on UK local councils on Twitter. There’s videos, twitter status image, audios and some other exciting conversations.

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Liz Azyan

This video feature Chris Pirillo, talking about in America, which is An overview about government officials on twitter and the reactions.

following my local council on twitter. yeah. on

Reaction from a hyperlocal website – HarringayOnline via @hughflouch

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NewcastleCC’s reaction examples via @alncl

  • Conversation 1

Customer: “I am wondering why Newcastle City Council is following me. Is this a type of Big Brother surveillance?”
NewcastleCC: “Wouldn’t be very subtle if it was! No, we’re following Twitterers in and around Newcastle to join in the conversation.”

  • Conversation 2

Customer: “Newcastle City Council (@NewcastleCC) just added me on Twitter. Great to see authorities communicating with people using new technologies :)”

  • Conversation 3

CustomerA: “Just got a Follower request from @NewcastleCC”
CustomerB: “RT @CustomerA “Just got a Follower request from @NewcastleCC” Yes, me too! I wonder why?”
NewcastleCC: “@CustomerB @CustomerA Because we’re interested in what people in Newcastle have to say.”
CustomerA: “@NewcastleCC I didn’t see it as a negative, quite the opposite! It’s great that you’re using social media….what would you like to know? :)”
CustomerC: White“@CustomerB @CustomerA Don’t worry, it’s harmless. Been following @NewcastleCC myself for a little while now. No anti-free speech talk yet. :P”

CustomerD: “@NewcastleCC Maybe they think it stands for Newcastle Credit Card, and not City Council?”
CustomerA: “@CustomerC @CustomerB I think it’s great that they’re using Twitter, cheers for the heads up! :)”

  • Conversation 4

CustomerE: “NewcastleCityCouncil is now following me?! Why?!!”
NewcastleCC: “@CustomerE We follow other journalists too!”
CustomerE: “@NewcastleCC ha… thanks for replying! should probably tell you that I’ve never been further north than Leicester…”
CustomerF: “@CustomerE time you got out more then! Come to #thinkingdigital”

NewcastleCC: “@CustomerE I agree with @CustomerF on this one!”
CustomerE: “@NewcastleCC @CustomerF I doubt I’ll find the cash for #thinkingdigital but a road trip to Newcastle is now in the planning stage!”
CustomerF: “@CustomerE you could always try and blag a press freebie from Herb. Or make it a promo visit for Wired UK – have a stand!”

NewcastleCC: ”@CustomerE Excellent”

Here is a example of a David Cameron answering a question from twitter through youtube.