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500 visits after 23 days from 17 countries!

I’m glad to announce that this website has now had 500 visits after just 23 days!

By Liz Azyan , in General , at January 11, 2009

I’m glad to announce that this website has now had 500 visits after just 23 days!  This is however according to Statpress, Google Analytics seems to say I’ve had 552 visits …. hmmm… which one can I believe? Or maybe which one do I want to believe…  😉

Though to some people this might sound like peanuts, but considering I wasn’t even expecting anyone to come… this absolutely thrills me! I hope this means my research is relevant and the content I produce is hopefully useful.  I’m interested to know other people’s experience with their blog traffic and how does it influence the content of your blog. Hopefully we can share some knowledge and skills on this matter.

According to Google Analytics….

This website has been visited

  • 552 times
  • 280 unique visitors
  • 414 visits coming from the UK
  • 55 from the US
  • 32 from Australia
  • 16 from Ireland
  • 14 from Italy
  • 6 from Canada
  • 2 from Kuwait, Norway, Sweden & India each
  • 1 from Netherlands, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Malaysia, Jamaica, and Slovenia

And another interesting fact is:-

  • 271 are returning visitors (thank you for your support!)
  • 281 are new visitors (hope you come again!)

I also find the keywords searched quite interesting:-

  • local authority uses social networking for engagement
  • twitter local government
  • survey re: government and social media
  • sun microsystems social media guidelines
  • local authorities on twitter
  • local government research questions
  • social media guidelines
  • social media guidelines for students
  • sun microsystems social media policy
  • governments and online engagement research
  • government engagement in france
  • e government or e-government or digital government
  • change.gov engagement
  • “social computing guidelines”
  • visit scotland twitters

Ok, that’s it for now. If anyone wishes to share their obsession with analytics, please leave a comment.

Thanks again for dropping by and subscribing to my feed! I really appreciate it. I promise I will do my best to produce a great thesis and share the results once I finish  😉 Wish me luck and hope to see you back soon! 😀

To those attending Barcamp UKGovWeb09, I’ll see you there. If you haven’t decided whether to attend or not, please watch this video here.